The music industry as a whole, changes constantly. It shifts and turns, melodies melding with synth pop and genre’s cross over into each other. To some it’s intimidating, to others, a challenge to break through and deliver.
February of 2010 saw such a break through with the establishment of UhuruBoys. Planning on focusing on the best of the best. Combining the best elements of R&B, Electronica, Reggae, Techno, DanceHall, and Hip Hop, their goal is to make a smooth sound that reaches a wide audience. The basis of UhuruBoys both as a group and as a label is to bring like minded, music loving individuals together to share their talents, gifts, and personalities. The result is a smorgisboard of creative talent ready to tackle anything the industry can throw at them. While the range of UhuruBoys is diverse and wide ranged, the goal is still the same. To be heard, to share good music, and to love what you do.