“Life changes, convictions, and revelations compel in this new name the Akae Beka”
John 16:13, 14

Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite) assumed the mantle of Akae Beka, the sacred oath named in the Book of Enoch, for his new roots project. With the name comes responsibility, a promise to keep.

The Book of Enoch, Chapter 68, states: “He spoke to holy Michael to discover to them the sacred name…This is the power of that oath; for powerful it is, and strong. And he established this oath of Akae by the instrumentality of the holy Michael. These are the secrets of this oath, and by it were they confirmed.”
Akae Beka is not Midnite reborn. Rather, it’s a continuation of Benjamin’s journey, taking it down a new path of devotion and spirituality. Through the music, the oath of Akae Beka is kept, and the glimmerings of truth revealed.

Players of Instrument (the Akae Beka)
The Akae Beka | Vaughn Benjamin – Vocals/Chant, Edmund Fieulleteau – Guitar, Kenny Byron – Guitar, Sly Molina-Curet – Drums & Percussion, Ras L – Bass, Suren Fenton – Keyboards