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Using their musical genius to it’s fullest potential, Uhuru Boys Records is becoming widely known for their ability to seamlessly blend different genre’s of music. Pulling from cross classes such as Reggae and Dancehall of Jamaica. The Electronica, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep scenes from Europe. Smooth R&B and Hip Hop tones from the U.S., as well as some other flavorings of their own, Uhuru Boys creates a sound that is completely their own. While being able to notice certain feels for different types of music all rolled up into one song, it creates mass appeal and the ability to draw fans from several markets.


Meet the Team


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Uhuru G

Founder & CEO Gervon “Uhuru G” Cassells is a producer of Uhuru Boys Productions. He was born and raised in Kingston, JA and is no stranger to the music scene. Gervon grew up around reggae music; his uncle Derrick Simpson from Black Uhuru has been a major influence in his life. Growing up as the nephew of a Grammy winner, Gervon too has always had a desire to bring something distinctive and enjoyable with all music fans. He began building riddims, engineering, and eventually producing various types of music. This was the start of Uhuru Boys Productions in 2009 as Gervon began producing music in the comforts of his own recording studio in South Florida. As an upcoming producer and engineer he branched out to form his own record label; Uhuru Boys Productions.






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