Hail the King – Akae Beka


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Akae Beka’s distinctive chanting style has retained the same radiance even after so many years and albums, and also lyrically the well certainly hasn’t dried up. His lyrics are like some ancient text full of wisdom, and timeless. They are intended to make the listener think. As usual the lyrics outline a whole series of human atrocities against themselves and the environment. This all, is delivered over hypnotic, mystical riddims, which were recorded with live instrumentation at the Higher Bound Productions studio. The majority of the players of instruments involved in this project are members from the original Midnite band – currently playing in the Akae Beka band. Thus, the sound will resonate fully with longtime loyal Midnite/Vaughn Benjamin/Akae Beka fans as it has that raw St. Croix roots feeling of some of the earliest work. Most of the riddims are made up of only drums, a deafening bass and guitar, although here and there a riddim is enriched with horns, keyboard, percussion and acoustic guitar, ensuring that boredom doesn’t set in.

  • Format:  Audio CD
  • Label: Higher Bound Productions
  • Copyright: ℗© 2019 Higher Bound Productions
  • Total Length: 41:17